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I n a miss hall,
If only could I take tells a bird,
he would be a good friend.
I only have one request to be united at a time with YOU
though maybe, we can not have each other, but I believe,
in the name of authenticity and sincerity of love ....

I then paused, as if witnessing a shattered heart ....
authenticity of life, lust, feelings,
or soul that I had nowhere else ....
long fantasy like the endless, really?
whether feeling and all who uphold the integrity means nothing?
I was really shit!

I suddenly thought, that I was in a struggle of love ....
That's how I felt when my instincts more and more powerful to maintain each
and every beat of my heart quiet loving feelings for YOU ....
someone who only knew each other only through pictures .....
Ironically, I was like
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