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We broke it

First you come and give love to me
Came with a smile full of affection
I crashed because of advances you
I fell in love with you through all the sacrifice
Then I try to be dwellers heart
With my love has
I try to always be there in your heart
And always there for you

Now, after I'd be yours
You let stand like a statue that I was worthless
I passed you mute your behavior
Where the soul first knows
If you know would like this
I'm not willing to accept the love that you gave to me

We broke it
Let me accept this reality
Let this be the experience in my life I
Experience that should not happen again
Sorry, if I'm boring as long as with
I'm just so there
Only you who have never understood this feeling
Goodbye lover
Farewell false love you
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5 Komentar untuk "We broke it"

hahaahha :D wah oliver tau aja...tanks

Goodye lover? I am sorry to hear it

tanksssssssssssss sob...........

Silahkan tinggalkan jejak dikomentar setelah membaca, jangan menjadi pembaca gelap kawan :) terimakasih telah berkunjung...

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